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MSP-100S is applicable to advanced sensing technology, manufactured to design a sealing & secret-retained type that doesn’t need a sealing inside. In particular, this is manufactured with 304 stainless steel housing, and is durable in the poor & harsh enviroment.
MSP-100S is an idea, small, and compact low weight PT regardless of limited space & weight.
This is a compatible sensor possible to measure various medium such as liquid, gas, etc.
MSP-100S is available in high temperature. and has its own temperature compensation. MSP-100S provides its accurate reliability every second in measuring high pressure. In particular, this is designed for industry. and is customized in need of special costomers.



-Secret- retained sealing
Light & short type
Chemical resistance

Compressor Oil hydraulic system
Agricultural machinery
Construction machinery
Hear pump - Wind power energy
Chemical industries

[General pressure ranges for mass production]
0~10, 0~16, 0~25, 0~40, 0~60, 0~100, 0~250, 0~400, 0~600bar


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