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Welcome to the Myungsung Instrument website.

My name is Kim, Cheol-Gu, and I am the CEO of Myungsung Instrument Co., Ltd.
Initially established in 1987, our company changed its name to Myungsung Instrument Co., Ltd. in 2004 with the goal of providing the best instruments to our customers and realizing the best service based on our more than 20 years of experience with pressure and temperature measuring instruments and our own developed technology. Myungsung Instrument Co., Ltd. is a technology-intensive small-to-medium-sized corporation with the management goal of being a "company that provides trust and satisfaction to our customers."

In 2005, we independently developed our own acid proof pressure and temperature transmitters and digital recorders for IT devices, a market sector in which Korea had previously been completely dependent on imports, contributing to import substitution of domestic semiconductor and LCD device parts.

As a manufacturer specialized in pressure sensors, we put an emphasis on providing the best service to our customers through the continuous development of new products and the localization of parts, and we will do our best to prepare the best technology that meets the needs of Korean industry through continuous R&D and investment in the development of core industrial measuring instruments.

I hope our website will facilitate communication and information exchange among experts in the precision control and instrumentation field. We humbly ask for your continuous support and interest.

Thank you.
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